A Benefit Cookbook to Restore



Red Hook’s Small Business Community

From Sunny’s Bar and Baked to Fort Defiance and Red Hook Lobster Pound, 20 of Red Hook’s most beloved restaurants, bars, and food businesses have teamed up to create All Hands on Deck, a gorgeously photographed cookbook available in PDF format for instant download.

Twenty-five delectable recipes, all tailored for the home cook, include such tempting dishes as the Good Fork’s Pork and Chive Dumplings, Brooklyn Ice House’s Frito Pie, and home/made’s Flourless Chocolate Torte.

All Hands on Deck also includes personal stories from restaurant owners and locals. These moving anecdotes depict the toll Hurricane Sandy took on Red Hook and its small businesses—and how the storm’s aftermath brought this tight-knit community even closer as neighbors helped one another clean up, rebuild, and keep hope alive through dark, difficult days and nights.

All proceeds from All Hands on Deck will be donated to ReStore Red Hook, an organization dedicated to raising funds to aid the neighborhood’s small businesses in recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

Download your copy now to get your taste of the finest food and drink Red Hook has to offer—and help the neighborhood’s small businesses regain their sea legs!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What devices will the All Hands on Deck PDF work best on?

The PDF has been formatted specifically to work on the iPad, but it’s also going to look great on your Kindle, desktop or laptop computer, printed out on standard size letter paper, and even (in miniature form) on your iPhone. All Hands on Deck is not crippled with DRM (Digital Rights Management), so you are free to use it in whatever way best suits your needs.

Can I buy more than one copy of All Hands on Deck?

Absolutely. The quantity in your cart is editable, and each cookbook you buy is good for 5 downloads of the full PDF.

How can I give All Hands on Deck as a gift?

You'll receive a download link to the PDF after your purchase is complete. You can share that link with whoever you'd like to give a copy of the cookbook. Keep in mind that the link will expire after 5 downloads, and that we are selling it for charity! We've just created a set of giftcards that you can print on your home-printer on a standard letter-sized sheet of paper. You'll need to write in the download link for your recipient, so we recommend using a URL shortener such as is.gd.

Hurricane Sandy was months ago. Hasn’t Red Hook recovered by now?

While many of Red Hook’s restaurants and small businesses have re-opened, they are still struggling to pay for the repairs and new equipment required after Hurricane Sandy. And some businesses, such as Sunny’s, home/made, and Good Fork, haven’t been able to reopen yet at all. Both groups still need a lot of financial help, because FEMA and most insurance companies did not provide them with sufficient—or any—funding.

What is ReStore Red Hook?

ReStore Red Hook is a coalition of small businesses owners and community-based leaders formed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastating impact. The organization is currently raising urgently needed funds to help affected small businesses get back on their feet and reopen, as well as providing organizational development support, special events and community resources to stabilize as a neighborhood. ReStore Red Hook is fiscally sponsored by the Fund for the City of New York. ReStore Red Hook welcomes potential volunteers and supporters—learn more at http://www.restoreredhook.org

Where did the recipes in All Hands on Deck come from?

Red Hook’s restaurants, bars, and food and beverage businesses contributed the recipes.

Why isn’t there a recipe from my favorite Red Hook restaurant?

Unfortunately, a few restaurants weren’t able to contribute recipes by our publication deadline.

Who created All Hands on Deck?

A group of writers, editors, photographers, and designers who live in Red Hook or are friends of the neighborhood. In Sandy’s aftermath, we wanted to help our community’s small businesses get back on their feet, and we thought a cookbook would be a great fundraiser.

Can I buy a print edition of All Hands on Deck?

There may be a limited edition print release sometime in the future, but there are no definite plans yet.